Can you take the water of two people?

The end Shortage of water

映画 東京都

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Can you take the water of two people?

Hot summer ... of the dry season
Sun ... which glares down intensely
Story of the staff of local "Suspension of water supply, Person in charge of execution"

What is "a bond" really in the present age? What is "a connection?"
The staff of local "water service section, Suspension of water supply, Person in charge of execution" and the sisters whom there is when I received "Suspension of water supply, Person in charge of execution."
A human being drama to weave centering on the interchange.


Finally one month already passes after a little rain fell, and water supply restrictions are started in the S city of the intense heat.
Keiko Koide (11) and the Kumiko (8) sisters during summer vacation visited the citizen's pool, but the pool where water should rise of suspension of business was empty.
Keiko can pull the crack of the fence with Kumiko and gets into the pool to cheer up a discouraged younger sister without being able to swim and begins to do imitation to clown, and to swim in an empty pool. Kumiko finally laughs to synchronized swimming and an older sister pretending to be drowned and jumps into a pool together, and two people continue playing forever in an empty pool.
Iwakiri (36) which worked for the S city channel part sales department went around the rate delinquent's house today with Kita (30) of the fellow and collected arrears and carried out suspension of water supply when I exceeded a period of grace without being able to pay it.
It looks like I do not regret money in an old couple, a fashion paying a slight amount of money that I racked from a pension to little by little all the time, but the water rate begrudges it, and there are various people including 30 perぎの Miss hippopotamus which is not popular who I already say with Maiko this time, and are going to come through suspension of water supply.
While I continued doing this work, Iwakiri came to learn hesitation to Suspension of water supply, Person in charge of execution行 gradually. Thus, I received the selfish excuse of the customer calmly, and Iwakiri who might put off a period of grace was yet seen "only in meaningless gentleness, the sweetness" in shallow Kita of the carrier, but Iwakiri said to such Kita like favorite phrase in this way.
When "the sun and air and the water are actually good free of charge."
Even such Iwakiri couldn't but turn off the water of the customer whom a nonpayment period reached for 2-3 years. The feeling of Iwakiri was clouded whenever I watched the figure of the customer who stared at Kida who closed a stopcock quickly.
There was wife, Yuki (38) of the excellent work when I visited the Koide excellent work's house which was under the embankment of the riverbank where sculpture, Iwakiri were one house of the delinquent. When "I have no it to spare, and Yuki cannot pay Iwakiri the arrears while playing with an email of the carrying ," I refuse payment.
When the nonpayment of the small priest has already reached for three years, and Iwakiri is just offended, and return it when "a water rate will be a point than carrying charges"; Yuki "the carrying is the tools of trades". I glare back at Iwakiri when I cannot pay the water service charges without this.
Even Iwakiri could not sympathize with her manner, too, and was going to carry out suspension of water supply immediately; Keiko and Kumiko come home then from a pool. The sisters were daughters of Yuki.

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