A transsexual special hospital is a masterpiece of the stage

The end OWMA GA HORROR-SHOW decides filmization! A 2015 exhibition!

映画 東京都

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The comics with the light comedy element which I did on the stage of a transsexual special hospital.All two volumes.
Somebody makes a sex change by a one episode conclusion method every time (be considered to be it) and goes as a general rule.
The chief character that Chiyo Kiku who has been remodeled into the body which is and Roge eggplant in Episode 1 without permission is substantial.

The hospital where doctor OWMA serves the director is the hospital where is specialized in a sex change.
A person wanting to become the nature different from oneself present is hospitalized in this hospital.
Chiyo Kiku who I disguise myself as a woman, and walked the town be carried in OWMA Hosptal in accord with a traffic accident…….

■Senno Knife's profile

After his assistant job for Leiji Matsumoto and Miyako Maki, 
In 1981 Senno Knife debuted under the name of "Kazuto Yamamoto"
in the magazine named Lemon People.It was the first issue of this magazine.
In 1982,He turned his name to "Senno Knife (=1000 knives)"
for the first issue of Young Champion (Akita shoten).
The story's title was Hyakumensou Circus (The hundred faces circus).
He used the pen name of Senno Knife for his self-published magazine
named Ningyouhime(Doll Princess),but didn't want to use it for
commerce magazines (the image of Knife is too aggressive).
When he received the magazine from the publisher, he found his 
aggressive new pen name "Senno Knife" on the first page of his manga.
This publisher changed his name, he believed that Senno Knife had 
a stronger image than Kazuto Yamamoto.
Senno Knife was really surprised to see it,but thought that it was 
a common way in the commerce magazine business-
From then, he changed all his pen names from "Yamamoto" to "Senno Knife".
His pen name cames from "The night of the 1000 knives".
It's a very heavy but magnificent image.
Many people use these words in arts, theaters, movies......
A musician named Ryuichi Sakamoto used this name for his first album
that Senno loved a lot.
It was the reason to name himself "Senno Knife".
He has been drawing a lot of genre's manga.........(Bishoujo manga,
Seinen manga,Shoujo manga,Shounen manga,Horror manga etc)
Until today, the Senno's published comic books are over 45.
Senno Knife's consistent universe is a combination of mystery and beauty.

the world of Senno Knife
Senno Knife's profile

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